11月11日2019年,共有126名学生的Sekolah menengah在马六甲意识计划kebangsaan婴儿耶稣修道院(IJC)每人吃了。该计划是由来自业务(离岸价)的教师10名讲师和来自全国的营销和招生(NME)两名工作人员进行。

The programme started with a talk on “Your Virtual World: Keep it Safe & Protected”, by Ms Sharmila Rani and continued by Ms Usha Vellappan. The participants acquired new knowledge of cyberbullying and ways on how to protect themselves in the virtual world. Apart from that, there were three games prepared by the FOB lecturers, namely “Cyber Bingo”, “Broken Telephone” and “Social Media Charade”, and they really enjoyed the session.